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The exhibition "Arad_Co_Space"


Curator: Michal Teumi-Sela | Musical Consulting: Galit Gaon | Academic Advice: Dr. Hadas Shedar |

Doron Orgil | Oleg Bergman | Gilad Bar Shalev | Tzibi Geva | Rosie Silverstein | Miriam Levine | Sasha Fleet | Haim Fenichel | Rebecca Kowalski | Yula Koritani | Merav Kemel | Tamar Roded Shabtai | Annat Raskin | Joshua Shemesh

Arad is a unique city in the Israeli architectural landscape.In 1961, a team of planners came to the site, studied it, lived and dreamed of the city to be set up. The exhibition "Arad_Co_Space" is built on two levels; The first deals with the principles of Arad's linear architectural design, displayed on a huge black-and-white map of the city, which will spread to visitors' feet from the entrance to the gallery, from which historical principles will emerge. The second level of the exhibition examines the relationship between architecture and the people who live in it, through colorful and vibrant works of art that will embrace the architectural move. The walk through the exhibition will allow for an experiential wandering between the linear design concept and the realities that exist in the city life, and offer a multilayered look, through the eyes of local creators who challenge the familiar space and creators looking at the city from the outside, who decompose and reconstruct the urban fabric.

The exhibition will feature Zibi Geva's grating works, and a video of "Babel" by Haimi Fenichel, an integrated video installation created by the artist Merav Kamel in the artist's residency program, as well as photographs by Sasha Fleet and Gilad Bar.

The exhibition incorporates local looks from artists from Arad itself - including photographers Doron Orgil, Annat Raskin and Joshua Shemesh, and painters Tamar Rodd Shabtai, Yula Koritani, Rosie Silberstein, Oleg Bergman and Miriam Levin.

Another part of the exhibition will be on display outside the gallery, in the city itself. Along Chen Street, architectural points of interest and planning principles will be explored into a controlled urban tour route, combined with a rich educational program and many activities for the general public.

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