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Pere Hamidbar

General Information

טיולי ג'יפונים , הפקת אירועים בטבע.

About Us

Founded in 1991 by Shlomo Fishman, Pere Hamidbar guided tours specialize in a wide variety of activities. We are very experienced providers of extreme activities and our services are available to you.

  • Rangers – self drive accompanied by a tour guide in the magical dessert landscape. Extreme routes with fascinating stories.

Feel the freedom and the adrenalin bursting from spectacular and unique landscapes. New cars seating 2-6 passengers per vehicle.

  • Jeeps – open and roofed  / closed and air conditioned, licensed dessert vehicle drivers and chartered tours. Many and varied routes.

Sunrise tours – sunset tours – moonlight tours

  • Evening events – breathtaking and beyond imagination dessert fantasy. Amazing lighting, effects, music, dinner, artist performances and more …
  • Shade nets of all sizes, everywhere.
  • White tents for an additional special touch at every event.
  • Equipment for events – white sofas and seating, mats, mattresses, colorful carpets and more …
  • Portable toilets (that can reach anywhere in Israel) with 4 cubicles, separate men and women, air conditioned, running water in both toilets and sinks, odor control dispensers, soap dispensers.
  • Group activities – ODT, yoga, massages, Zumba and more …
  • Fun days – together with hotels.
  • Unique and impressive weddings and bar and bat mitzvahs that will thrill your guests.

Fully committed to providing a planned and impeccably implemented professional and attentive service.

Pere Hamidbar has the licensing and insurance required for the offered events and activities.

Contact Details

Contact Name: Shlomi