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Studio Coffee

Coffee House in an Art Gallery​


Bar-Restaurant, since 1985 has become a magnet for residents of the area and travelers who are on their way to Eilat or the Dead Sea. During the day, Muza serves as a rich restaurant, where you can find flavors for all tastes: grilled meats, pizzas, pastas, salads and more.

“Medurat Hashevet”

“Medurat Hashevet” is a unique and unusual place and its not a routine restaurant. In fact it is not a restaurant at all. This is a private house that operates as a Farm with a garage winery. The owners Deganit and Eli host at their home culinary gatherings with fascinating guests from Israel and all… Read more »


Coffee House and Patisserie” Opera” is located near the center of the city in the Arad mall. There is wide variety of recommended nutritional meals accompanied by a pleasant fun atmosphere. An assortment of lovely Israeli breakfast. A pleasant one of a kind dinner menu, can also be accompanied by high quality Israeli wine and… Read more »