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Moav revisited- an Interview with Hadas Kedar / Anna Bromley and Ofri Lapid

The following interview with curator Hadas Kedar was conducted in response to our visit to Arad in May 2018. The visit was part of an exchange program between doctoral researchers of the Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg (Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Hamburg) and the Institute for Public Presence, Holon. The objective of our program was… Read more »

36 hours in Arad, at the edge of the Judean and Negev deserts

The development town founded by a group of former kibbutz and moshav members in the 1960s is surrounded by the hilly planes of the desert, and not far from the back side of Masada (which is how visitors access the popular Light and Sound Show, open from March through October). The desert is the draw to this… Read more »

Arad: Desert Getaway

Situated in a tranquil desert with enchanting landscapes, Arad offers easy access to a wealth of hiking and biking trails as well as tourist attractions like Masada and the Dead Sea, the city itself boasts an artisus quarter, home hospitality for numerous cooking and craft workshops, and a variety of reasonably priced accommodations. Arad is… Read more »