Travel Arad
Arad: Desert Getaway

Situated in a tranquil desert with enchanting landscapes, Arad offers easy access to a wealth of hiking and biking trails as well as tourist attractions like Masada and the Dead Sea, the city itself boasts an artisus quarter, home hospitality for numerous cooking and craft workshops, and a variety of reasonably priced accommodations. Arad is young in spirit, but this spacious, clean, well-planned city has a long tradition of hosting travelers from Israel and abroad. Arad sits at the edge of the Judean Desert, making it the mailn gateway to desert excursions and a convinient base for visiting all the attractions in the region: the Dead Sea, Masada, the Yattir forest, Tel Arad, Sussia, the southern Hebron Hills, and more. Arad is home to some 30,000 residents who can trace their roots to every corner of Israel and the globe. While Arad has a long history of hospitality, it has become increasingly poplar among travelers in recent years. Today it offers a wide variety of municipal and tourism services and boasts accommodations for over 1,000 guests. hospitality optiong range from guest rooms and Bed-and-Breakfast establishments to a youth hostel, a three star hotel, and a boutique hotel.

Visitors can spend their time at the city’s museum of contemporary art and famous glass museum, explore the attractions in the artist quarter, and visit homes of artists and artisans to participate in workshops on everything from soap-making to cooking to tasting wine. Also Arad has a shopping center, air-conditioned mall, and shopping and entertainment complex near its western entrance.

Nature lovers who appreciate desert landscapes can enjoy over 20 marked trails for hikers, bikers, and jeeps near in Arad. The trails lead to sculptures and dramatic veiwpoints in the city and to hidden pools and wells outside the city. One of the 10th most beuatiful lookouts in Israel sits next to Arad: The Moab Lookout adorned by artist Igal Tomarkin’s monumental white sculpture. it is aa must-see for all lovers of unique landscapes.

the Arad tourism industry is continuing to develop these days. The first legal racecource in Israel for carsand motorcycles just opened. Check the schedule for the site to enjoy a motoring experience that was previously hidden from the geberal public in Israel. In addition, work is underway to renew a landing strip for light and mid-sized aircraft that will serve domestic flights as well as low-cost flights from eastern Europe. In conclusion,Arad is an excellent destination for a trabquil break with easily accessible attractions that will appeal to a variety of interests.